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The labyrinth, 45 feet in diameter, is a seven-circuit dual path beginning at the iron pausing stone cast by Tonkawa Foundry and leading to a heart-shaped goal. The golden limestone crossover crowning the goal features river flint from the historic Yellow Bull Crossing west of town. A walking path outlining the labyrinth is bordered by a timeline of 100 engraved pavers recording Tonkawa’s history from 1879 to the present. Brick plaques spell out the word Tonkawa and the phrases They All Stay Together and Wheatheart of Oklahoma.

Heart in the Park stands as a permanent installation of interactive public art contribution to the education and heritage of future generations.

Walking The Labyrinth

For many, walking the labyrinth is meditative and calming; others enjoy it purely for fun and exercise. While the path always leads to the center, its twists and turns are reminders of life’s surprises and challenges.