Crystal Dig Area - Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge

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Southeast of Cherokee
Cherokee, OK 73728

Crystal digging is permitted from April 1 through October 15, sunrise to sunset. The digging area is closed from October 16th through March 31st, as the entire refuge is designated critical whooping crane habitat. No exceptions are made to these dates.

When collecting, no special permit is required. Collectors are permitted to remove up to 10 pounds of crystals plus one large cluster for their personal use in any one day. Crystals taken from the refuge cannot be sold, under penalty of law.

Safety Precautions
Once in the digging area, please stay on the designated road. Shorebirds nest on the flats. Their nests are camouflaged to the soil so you may not see them. Additionally, the ground is much softer than expected off the road.

Be sure to thoroughly wash your car after leaving the flats.

Due to the white salt surface, it is easy to get sunburned. Sunglasses, sunscreen and protective clothing are recommended. Drinking water is not available at the dig site -- bring water and a change of clothes, digging is a messy venture.

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