Drummond Flats Wildlife Management Area

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½ mile west of the junction of State Hwy 132 and Skeleton Rd.
Drummond, OK 73701

Drummond Flats Wildlife Management Area covers 4,653 acres in north central Oklahoma. Located in Garfield County, immediately west of the town of Drummond, or approximately 8 miles southwest of Enid, Drummond Flats is a historic overflow basin at the confluence of Turkey Creek, Elm Creek, and Salt Creek, and is predominately wetland habitat with some surrounding upland habitat.

Game Species of Interest:

  • Waterfowl: Ducks are usually present in fair to good numbers but will fluctuate with weather changes and water availability. Geese may occasionally be present but are not as abundant.
  • Sandhill Crane: May be available on occasion during the fall migrations.
  • Pheasant: Present in moderate to good numbers and will use all parts of the WMA not covered by standing water.
  • Quail: Present in low numbers in upland areas and un-flooded wetland sites.
  • Deer: Available in low numbers.
  • Turkey: Rio Grande wild turkeys may be present in upland areas during the spring and summer, but are not common.
  • Rabbit: Cottontail rabbits are available in low to fair numbers. Jackrabbits are occasionally present but are but are not common.
  • Furbearers: Coyote, bobcat and raccoon are available.
  • Dove: Usually present in fair to good numbers.
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