Ames is a town in southeastern Major County, Oklahoma, United States; and has a population of 239. About 450 million years ago, a meteor struck north-central Oklahoma, creating an impact crater – an astrobleme – more than eight miles wide. Today, the small. rural community of Ames proudly claims the crater as its own – and as an important contributor to the geological knowledge of the nation’s petroleum industry. 

Ames is located 27 miles west of Enid, Oklahoma.

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Astrobleme Museum

Main Street
Ames, OK 73718
The small, museum, which is without staff and open 24 hours, features high-tech, all-weather video panels on its north and south walls.   The panels describe the crater’s formation…and its geological significance, which was…Learn More
Museum, Nature, Point of Interest

Hajek Motorsports Museum

105 E Corporate Dr
Ames, OK 73718
Home Of The Champions!Tours Scheduled by Appointment Please call 580-753-4611
Family Friendly, Museum, Photo Op