Welcome to the Crossroads of Northwest Oklahoma. 

The town was named in 1899 for Louis Seiling, a local store owner who had acquired a homestead in the Cheyenne-Arapaho land run of April 1892. The Hobson Town and Improvement Company established a town called Hobson, but the name was changed to Seiling in January 1899. It incorporated in 1909. Seiling is now the largest city in Dewey County.

Louis Seiling ventured from his hometown of Boone, Iowa in October 1893 to travel south and make the land run into the Cherokee Strip in Oklahoma Territory. He staked his claim and settled on the Southeast Quarter of Section 5 and remained on this quarter section of land for five years and made the required improvements that entitled him to receive a patent from the United States Government. He opened a general store and served the needs of the people in this area who were located between the North Canadian River and the South Canadian River. 

In October 1898 Louis Seiling met with several of the local area leaders who were managers of the Hobson Town and Improvement Company.  They entered into a contract to lay out a town of 40 acres located on Mr. Seiling's land.  This town would be known as Hobson.  In January 1899, the town name of Hobson had to be changed because it was discovered there was already a town by the town of Hobson in Oklahoma Territory.  The name of the town and company was changed to Seiling after the man from whom the land had been purchased.

 In February 1899, the town of Seiling was officially established.  Soon families began moving into town, purchasing lots where homes were built, businesses were established and a public school was opened.  The town of Seiling was incorporated in 1909.


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Local Attractions

Seiling Golf Course

500 West 6th
Seiling, OK 73663
Seiling Golf Course
Golf, Outdoor Activity

Seiling Library

209 N Main St
Seiling, OK 73663
Affiliated with Western Plains Library System.

VFW Memorial & Mural

Seiling, OK 73663
VFW Memorial features a mural and army tanks.
Mural, Photo Op, Point of Interest