Site of the Red Fork Ranch which predated the Run of 1889, this little town on the Cimarron is the Town That Does Not Quit.  Floods, fire, and economic downturn served only to turn these tough Oklahomans in on their own resources to rebuild and move forward by the strength of their determination. 

A new high school is being built, there is a new RV park, a new community center/town hall, and a new convenience store.  These additions complement the thriving churches, a bank, and post office.  Neighbors who care for neighbors welcome travelers on Highway 81 who stop for gas, a little refreshment, and a snack.  

Fish where cattle crossed the Cimarron on the Chisholm Trail.  Look for sightings of the submerged locomotive on the west side of the bridge.  Walk along the river and observe the treacherous sand bars for which this crossing was infamous.  Stretch out on warm sand and watch the sky.  It’s that kind of place

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Dover, OK 73734
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