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The Cimarron Country Music Theatre (formerly the Camelot), was built in the 1930’s and was originally known as the Palace. During the 1970’s, a former owner spent a reported 200,000 dollars remodelling and updating the theatre. However, the owner had embezzeled the funds from his employer and was caught before he could reopen the theatre. His employer owned the theatre for a time before selling it to a couple who ran it until 1999. The theatre is incorrectly pictured on Cinema Tours. The confusion was probably born in the fact another business had a small suit of armor in front. The inside of the Camelot is quite interesting. It features a sitting room with a lion head motif furniture as well as a life size suit of armor standing guard in the entry. In addition, the auditorium features flags hanging from the walls in the round table fashion. The stage is fashioned to resemble the top of a castle and is flanked by two drawbridges. Two glassed in cry rooms are designed in the manner of ancient thatched huts. The 1970’s rebirth included an automatic curtain, projector and new seats.